I am now giving Akashic Record readings. This is the best and only way to know the full truth of you. You are not relying on a psychic,and intuitive guide or some such thing, of course you are relying on me to hear the words and get the images correctly but I have never let anyone down.

The Akashic records have been used since Ancient times. It has been called The Book of Life. You records contain the information of all your lives, past, present and future. I have done past life regression in order that you heal yourself just by knowing what you have done in a past life. Your teachers, masters and Loved Ones will guide me to one at a time.

Typically people come to me for a reading for what is happening right now and how they might want to make change for the good of them and all concerned.

When I get permission, and I always ask permission before doing any kind of session with you. If I didn’t I would be out of integrity. Beware of those who barge in on you and work on you with asking you it’s okay, or if you would like to have this session. This is the same as asking for permission.

Then I open your Soul Space. This is where your records are held. And I wait. I wait for a first message, a first image. I also take look around and get a feel for what your soul space looks and feels like. This gives me lots of information about you and how you can best go forward.

Once I get a first message or image a dialogue begins. If I don’t know what the image means I ask you first what it means to you. It doesn’t matter what it means to me. I ask your MTLO’s for a message regarding this image. The image may change to clarify the image, which contains a message.

Now it’s time for you to ask your questions. So have them ready!

During the session I can always tell if you’ve made choice. Your soul space shifts in an instant. This is the deepest level you can work with, at the level of the soul.

Please go to this link to purchase a reading for yourself.

Akashic Record Reading

~ Julie Calvey

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