The Womb of Eternity – Go back to the Spark of Divine from where you came – Change everything for the Good

This is a powerful meditative journey. It begins with connecting with your inner voice. A voice that tells you only the best things about you. A voice that guides you and tells you all that you need to know, how to handle every circumstance in the best ways. We journey back to the Divine Spark of Eternity where everything is possible As this voices as given you all the wisdom, foreknowledge, all of the things you want and need to know, Love, acceptance, nourishing, nurturing, you move through the Womb of Eternity Awake and Aware, feeling the shift in you and much more.

When you come back into the body you’re in right know you will feel the shift as the voice which you have firmly connected with will guide you always.

The meditation is 17 minutes long and the price is $33

It is m4a format.

Please email me at

I will send you an invoice. Upon receiving your purchase I will send you the download via WeTransfer for you to listen to over and over again.

As I have just recorded it and am listening to the final product right now, as background music, I feel even more myself, more in the power. I feel a greater shift right now!

~ Julie Calvey


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