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When my trainer landed in my YouTube one day I loved the techniques he was using on others and on himself. He had so many certifications in all kinds of ways. Many alternative medicines, many types of Tai-Chi type art forms and he taught all of them. He is a teacher and a guide, including NLP.  I had found my home with the techniques he used as I healed myself on all levels, mentally, emotionally, materially and soul-fully, in a quick and easy way at the level of the unconscious mind. I felt a duty to share this Method with as many people as possible.

Down the road I realized that my trainer distinguished when he was teaching NLP – for him NLP was something to be taught not to be demonstrated and experienced. This made me yawn and walk away.

I was simply too close to the situation to realize the above. It came to me light a light bulb when others were telling me I was ahead of my time. You see I do use some of the techniques my trainer uses but I also many times have to make something out of nothing and I love creating that way.

When some one is stuck or blocked in some way – I stop in silence and see what comes up – then I take action – then I record it right away – as when I am taking action I am in the zone, as they say and do not remember what I am doing.

The techniques that I use I have branded as The Method. I guide you to heal yourself and raise your vibration to point of Pure Divine Love!

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