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Oracle Reader


I have the ability to read what is coming to you. As I, through my Akashic Records, landed on a past life when I was under the apprenticeship of the Egyptian Queen Isis for being an Oracle, I took on those abilities. 

This is one of my offerings under my services – you can do the same.

As I read as an Oracle my third eye bulges. I see what is coming to you this helps you to know better what to do if you would like to change this as I am always connected to spirit and, if you wish, I will open your Akashic Records as well for no extra fee, given the time we have left, to find from the Highest Truth of you, the best way to go forward given what I find from my Oracle reading. 

If something good is coming to you you may decide to do nothing at all or, as in one case, a woman I was reading made her so happy that she started to prepare. She would not have had enough time if she had not known the person that was coming into her life and the reason the person was coming into her life.

Either way, this is by far the most powerful way I can give you a reading. I see it, I hear it, I feel it and I get confirmation from my Angels who are always around me like a cloak. 

The sessions lasts for 30 minutes which leaves plenty of time to do other things such as open your Records for more advice regarding how to move forward depending on what my reading shows you what is coming forth. 

One on One Session: 30 minutes: 

Price: $74


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