The Method Awaken to the Truth of You via the Unconscious Mind



I can help you no matter what!

Anything that is not true to you is a distorted memory. It was imprinted onto it and is not your truth!  Let’s get rid of it! Long-lasting and forever.

Anything that is your truth I can guide you to bring more of and amplify so that you Awaken to the Truth of YOU, raise your vibration to Love and via the Law of Attraction, as below, get everything you want in Life!

I use a variety of techniques to guide you to rid yourself of what truth to you as well as to bring forward and to amplify what is true to you. I do this by guiding you to accessing you unconscious mind where your untruths live as emotional energy packets. as well as your real truth – unconsciously. The conscious mind is but the tip of an iceberg. The unconscious mind is vast. The Law of Attraction brings to you the loudest voice within you – the emotional energy packets that live in your unconscious mind. We have all been traumatized beginning pre-birth to ages 0-7 mostly by parents, teachers, clergy and so forth. These traumas must go unconscious to you or you would live a life of insanity. You are not in the driver’s seat – these energy packets drive you life. What would it be like if you lived a life Awakened to the Truth of You? My techniques have been created to bring you to that Awakened State and raise your vibration to the point of Love.

Put simply, and it IS simple, we attract to us what our DOMINANT thoughts and feelings are. Problem is we don’t know what they are because the loudest emotions and thought forms are unconscious to us. To attract to us what we really want (and it is not what your thinking mind or what vibration you intentional hold in your body and send to the Universe for a certain amount of time), the only and best thing we can do is to re-program our unconscious mind, via the power of the techniques I use to rid ourselves of what is not true to us and amplify and bring more of who we truly are.

Our memories are gone. Our emotions are stored in our unconscious minds. The less than positive memories are distorted and some are deleted. This is what drives us. We attract to us that which is DOMINANT which means that which has been there the longest, that which we have repeated and is the loudest.  The unconscious mind filters and maintains balance by allowing more information in depending on what is most familiar as well as all of the above. Unless we make change at the level of the unconscious mind we continue to live the same life over and over again.

This started in childhood when we were first traumatized. Deeply. Taking a toy away from a child can cause trauma. Yelling, calling names, spanking, I’ve heard it all. These events are stored in the unconscious mind so that we can go forward in life and not literally go insane.

With the power of the techniques I use you can rid yourself what is not true to you and bring back and amplify who you really are.

It is said that we all have an inner critic. There are Life Coaches speaking about the same:  Conquer Your Inner Critic  This inner critic is driving us, unconsciously to make bad choices. With my guidance, healing happens, in a few moments no matter what level, mentally, emotionally even those that have fallen into your body. 


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