Medium for Spirit


I would like to tell you first that I have set this session up for a limited time. When I give this session I don’t go by time. I will give you enough time up to 90 minutes. As those on the other side have so much to say and give to you. Now, let’s get started!

I am innately gifted for connecting with those who have crossed over as well as the ability to cross earth-bound spirits to cross over into the Light.

This is by far my favorite session to give. The pure Heavenly Joy and Love that comes through from the other side is healing to both of you. It always goes both ways.

Having this session will put both of you at ease. Many times you are holding the other one back so that they can continue on with their own journey and it is time to let them go. During a medium session you can do it in a conscious way and say goodbye. This is a great service to them.

As well, when a Loved One has not crossed all the way into the Light I can feel it and I ask them. If I get permission I, through the Akashic Records cross them all the way into the Light. And wait. I know when they’ve crossed over all the way as they come back to me with a blast of Heavenly Light right to my heart space. What a gift.

They always send you Heavenly Light and Love as a gift for you.

The one on the other side understands everything and is in a state of joy and peace. Holds no grudges, no anger, no fear. They understand the reasons they went through the challenges they met while embodied and why they made the choices and the actions they took while here. They understand why they hurt you. They can share this with you as well. This is a great gift to you.

My mother never loved me, from the time of conception until her heart stopped beating. My lesson was to learn to love myself first. That was a great gift to me. She never loved herself. She never had the chance to learn that lesson so she passed it on to me.

I love her so, now that I know her even better since she crossed.

And so will you.

You will never forget this session and you will never be sorry for having this session. Tears flow so I’ll have the Kleenex ready.


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