Go back to your timeline – Manifest your Life the way you Want it to be!

This journey will guide you to your timeline.I will help you to relax in to a state which will result in which your unconscious mind will open up to my suggestions for the good of you.

As you journey back to the first spark of you, to sum in up, you will gather up your learning and rid yourself of all memories which are untruths to you – distorted in your unconscious mind – there is no need to go through these challenges – they simply drive you life into what in not your truth.

This is a place of manifestation and great healing all in one session.

As soon as you purchase I will send you the download

The entire recording is 17 some minutes long and the price is: $29

Please email me at julie@themethod.vip letting me know what you want to purchase, I will send you an invoice which you can use with any credit or debit card you like. When I receive payment I will send you the download of your choice via WeTransfer.


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