Akashic Record Reading

Akashic Records

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The Akashic Records have been known since ancient times as “The Book of Life,” in every religious book or document recorded.  Edgar Cayce who is famous for his predictions which all came true except for one used the Akashic Records for his readings.

I have been an Akashic Record reader for years and I am bringing this skill back to my list of services. Reading Akashic Records is the best way to find the truth of you. I also use your Akashic Records to do Soul Clearings. Your Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones understand everything about you during this lifetime.

This session will tell you the truth of you. Your Akashic Records live within your Soul Space and know everything about you from past lives to forward lives. It is the best way to get full truth of you in this moment and to ask any questions of your Masters Teachers and Loved Ones. Anytime I open you records healing happens for you. The moment I open your records I first take a look around to get a look and feel for your Soul Space and wait for a first message for you at this time in space. If I get a first image instead of a verbal message I may ask what that image means. Then a dialogue begins. If the message comes in verbally it can be a short message or a very long message. You will then have time to ask any question you like. This is your Soul Space and your Master’s, Teachers, and Loved Ones have been without from the first time you incarnated to the last time you incarnated. They know everything and are more than happy to tell you.

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