all have a purpose when we take on a body. Living outside of our purpose is harmful to you, many times causing symptoms to fall into your body.

You were all born a beautiful human being. You knew who to be, what to be how to be. From pre-birth into your younger years and beyond,  Anytime someone outside of you told you otherwise it was traumatic to you. This is not your truth. These traumas were imprinted into you.

Even taking a toy away from a child is traumatizing to say nothing about being left in a room along or being yelled at or called names and incest has been said by psychologist the boundary has been so broken it the person can never recover. Wrong! Using my techniques which I have bundled up and branded: The Method can bring you back to YOU! Just as you were meant to be, just as the Universe needs you to be!

We all have a beautiful system. We go unconscious to our traumas so as to not live a life of insanity. Now is the time to rid yourself of what is not true to you. In your younger years you easily took on the imprinting from a parent, teacher, clergy, brother or sister without knowing it.

This is what is driving your life. And this is how the Law of Attraction is working for you right now!

You are deserving and worthy of living a life of health, wealth and spiritual fulfillment.

I am here to guide you to bring back and amplify your truths. At the same time I will guide you to rid yourself of everything that is not true to you via the unconscious mind.

You can start out by taking care of your material body: Please see my DIY link in the sidebar.

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